Quality Statement

Customer Focus

We believe providing outstanding support to our customers is paramount to the success of our business. We endeavor to respond quickly, accurately and concisely to any customer enquiry

Knowledge, Expertise and Experience

We have been providing Electro-mechanical products and electronics design related solutions since 1970, and embedded software related solutions since 1995. We are gaining a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise year on year embracing new technologies and methods to ensure we always deliver products and services that are current in today's marketplace.

Reliability and Functionality

We will only deliver products and services that are reliable and fit for purpose. For our design customers we will deliver products that are fully functional in accordance with their requirements ensuring each design works as required, using ethical and accessible methods of design and manufacture.

Product Testing

It is our policy to test our products as fully as possible at all stages of the final assembly process. If a system involves multiple circuit boards, these will be tested individually and as a system. We believe in the construction of test jigs for all products, and we will design these jigs to test the functionality of a circuit/system as fully as possible.

Continual Improvement

We believe in continually improving our products and systems – as such if any relevant innovations are made/discovered that is relevant to a product we will endeavor to implement them.

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