Let us design you a Product

We have been designing and making prototypes, products and one-off electronic circuit boards for over 54 years.

All of our prototype designs are now done using specialist 3D Computer Aided Design tools, the output from these tools is used to create PCB artworks and prototype PCB"s. In the early days our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs were done on transparent acetate film with stick on dots and tracks. Specialist light sensitive PCB material was then exposed to these artworks on UV Light Boxes, developed in our photo lab and then acid etched. The PCB was then taken to the machine shop for cutting and drilling. Thankfully, times have changed and whilst the basic process of creating a prototype PCB has not altered significantly, the design process has moved with the times. For the creation of prototypes and one-off designs, we offer:

  • Schematic design
  • PCB design
  • 3D PCB design
  • Mechanical CAD design
  • Full machine shop tooled Prototype PCB's
  • In-house etched and drilled PCB (up to double-sided)
  • Turnaround times to suit customers' requirements
  • 3D plastic printed parts
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