PC Software

It is often the case that our customers want to control their equipment from some software on a PC. We are able to write windows based software (normally using C#) that is able to communicate with an embedded product via RS232/USB or bluetooth. Sometimes this software is designed to add functionality, download data or add logging features to a product, and other times it is to test various component parts of a system – before it can be fully assembled. Graphics, images and company logos can also be designed and added to the software using a mixture of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop – to fully personalise a product and give it a corporate identity. We can also create PC software to communicate with products we haven’t designed – we have written software in the past to communicate with a bespoke piece of equipment that a customer had made in the 1990’s, that would no longer run on modern versions of Windows. We had a look at the software (written in Visual Basic) and created a new version of PC software. Another customer had commissioned a set of bespoke sensors from a manufacturer in the Far East. The supplier had been given a full specification, and a protocol specification – but our customer lacked the means to test the product on its’ own before integration into their system. They came to Winter and Smith and asked us to create a PC test suite to fully test the product before they could sign off on the design.

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