Winter And Smith Electronics

Electronics Design, software and Manufacture located in Kent

We are a viable alternative to an in-house electronics, mechanical and software design team.

Winter and Smith (electronics) Ltd are specialists in the design and manufacture of products for a multitude of applications. With our electronics, mechanical and software design engineers along with a comprehensive mechanical workshop and full manufacturing facilities, we offer a professional end-to-end design and manufacturing service with a high-quality and quick turn around. A family run business celebrating our 54th Year, the company was founded in September 1970, with the unusual partnership of a young Electronics Engineer Mike Winter, barely out of college, and a highly inventive Mechanical Design Engineer, Fred Smith who was nearing retirement. One of Fred's many claims to fame was that he had been involved with the very early development of television before World War II and had worked with the great TV pioneer John Logie Baird. At the current moment, three generations of the family work within the business along with a small team of highly experienced staff.

We offer a wide range of design and manufacture services

Electronic Design

We are experienced in fully designing complete electronic systems. We are able to:

  • Select the appropriate hardware
  • Design the schematic and lay out the PCB
  • Provide 3D-printed models of designs/concepts for review
  • Build professional prototypes
  • Design enclosures, cases and housings
  • Reverse/back engineer existing products or old designs


We are experienced in writing the embedded firmware for the electronic equipment which we have designed.

  • Embedded firmware in C/C++ for 8/16 and 32-bit processors
  • Interfacing with various sensors including environmental, power, position, location and 3rd party hardware
  • Full Colour TFT Displays, Graphical LCD's and Alphanumeric
  • Control of motors, actuators and other hardware
  • Experience with wired and wireless communications devices - including 2G/3G/4G, X-bee, Bluetooth, Modbus, GPS and WiFi
Software Development

We can write software for a variety of applications including:

  • Desktop and mobile applications
  • Responsive website and user interface design
  • Cloud hosted infrastructure including databases
  • Dashboard and report generation

Applications can allow clients to interface with exising or newly designed equipment. Fully integrated IoT monitoring systems, including websites allow systems to be monitored and controlled remotely.


We can manufacture PCBs or complete products, including mechanical assembly and wiring.

  • Fully RoHS compliant assembly
  • We have multiple surface mount production lines
  • Manual pick and place machine
  • Medical/Military Device assembly
  • Through hole production facilities
  • Full machine shop
  • Full testing facilities

Why Choose Us ?

We are a small and highly dynamic company that has been established 53 years and we are fully capable of taking an initial design concept and turning it into a manufactured product. Our clients consistently tell us that they approached numerous other companies before finding us, and report that we were the only one to fully understand their needs. They also say we are capable of producing high quality products. Most clients return to us for further work. Many of our customers have told us “We can buy something on the internet that does 90% of what we need it to do, however it is the other 10% that will define our product from that of our competitors and is our unique selling point”. We have done work for many prestigious clients including the BBC, Mercedes AMG F1, ICI & De La Rue. We can handle design work for one-off systems; low or high-volume orders and our prices are always competitive. We also have a comprehensive machine shop, to enable us to create complete systems and prototypes in-house.

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